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How It Works

Only 3 steps, you can get the drawing and quotation quickly. Step 1: Enter your project address, basic information such as weight, span, lift height, etc. Step 2: click on "Drawing" to automatically generate a design. Step 3: Click on "Quotation" to automatically generate a quotation.

Function Introduction

Anti-sway, double-brake, inching and more optional configurations to meet different requirements of different working conditions.


Only need to input the basic information such as lifting capacity, span, lifting height, etc., then click on “Drawing” to automatically generate the optimized crane design and accurate crane calculation data. Simple operation greatly improves your work efficiency.


Click on "Quotation" to easily get a quotation document. The quotation contains three major modules: crane design rules, crane technical specifications and commercial terms. At the same time, more optional configurations such as anti-sway, double brake, and inching can meet requirements of different working conditions.

Why Choose ECBoto?

Comprehensive function

ECBoto has drawing and quotation function. At present, the software covers wire rope electric hoist series and electric hoist type overhead crane series products.

Fast speed

ECBoto spend only one minute averagely, one-click create drawing? one-click create quotation. Working efficiency is greatly improved.


The product data are stored in the cloud, and the local client obtained through an encrypted links. It is safe and reliable.

Customers Stories

We improve constantly. More and more customers choose Clescrane as their partner. Check our customer stories to see how our material handing solutions help our customers to achieve the target.


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