Service Package

Senior professional project manager, only focus on your industry engineer team, professional tools, regular system solution manager return visit, localized installation services, professional training after equipment delivery, sustainable spare parts supply constitute CLESCRANE's service package.
1. Training

Training is mainly divided into online and offline. Online is mainly aimed at local crane service providers, Service providers who are familiar with our standard products can better serve our users; Offline is mainly aimed at the paper roll automatic storage business. After the performance test is completed, our engineers will provide WMS operation and usage training,daily maintenance of cranes and grippers training to the user's team members.

2. Field equipment installation

CLESCRANE focuses on providing users with turnkey solutions. Installation is not a trivial matter. The implementation of fully automated business requires a lot of experience. Users only need to give us the necessary cooperation. We can provide you with installation services in the target market. We have professional localized installation partners. The auxiliary equipment needed for installation can be provided by us, the key is the quality assurance after installation. Our team will pass the professional equipment test, because the quality of the installation also determines the accuracy of the positioning accuracy of the automated equipment.

3. Equipment debugging and system performance test

CLESCRANE will provide services in the debugging and performance testing phases of the entire project. After the installation is completed, we will send electrical engineers to debug the electrical system of the equipment and the main program to ensure the smooth transmission of instructions between the CWMS, the crane system, the conveyor system, and the AGV trolley. The goal of performance testing is what we care about and is the most critical. We need to meet all your requirements for system efficiency and carry out continuous work testing for at least 48 hours. The senior CLESCRANE project manager on site will be responsible for the confirmation and acceptance of the phased results with your project manager.

4. Sustainable supply of spare parts

The guaranteed supply of spare parts for 15 years. This is simple to say but not easy. Thanks to our information management of each completed project, we will finalize the composition of future spare parts with you on the first maintenance day, and let every penny be spent on key points and eliminate waste.

Sustainable supply of spare parts

5. Return visit mechanism
The project management team in Shanghai provides additional return visit services. The system solution manager will regularly visit your site for service tracking. We understand the operation of your system. We hope to hear your opinions. This will help us improve our products and design and bring direction to innovation, I want to say that user experience is paramount. 

Return visit mechanism



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