Hoists Spare Parts

Rotary limit switches for Hazardous areas

Flameproof rotary limit switch.Rugged and reliable, Limitex is used to control the movement of industrial machinery in potentially explosive areas.

Cross travel limit switch for Hazardous area

Flameproof position limit switch.
Rugged and reliable, Limitex is designed to control the movement of overhead travelling cranes, hoists and complex machine tools operating in potentially explosive areas.

Crane Hook

A lifting hook is a commonplace in the crane industry, with unique functions to grab objects. When selecting a hook for your crane, safety is often the most important consideration. This dictates that materials for hook-making should meet very high standards. Our lifting hook is made from top-in-class carbon steel. The integrated manufacturing process and advanced techniques make sure that we produce world-class hooks.

Brake module

Used to provide DC for the brake of the three-in-one motor which is in small size and good stability. ABM and CLESCRANE brands are available.

Brake pad

It adopts non-asbestos material which is environmentally friendly, high friction, high efficiency and wear resistance with long service life.


It adopts electric disk brake with super long service life of 1 million uses. It can automatically adjust space with high reliability and sensitivity

Rope guider

It is made of high-strength nylon, the wire rope can be evenly arranged on the wire rope reel. It provides full protection to the wire rope and extends the service life of the wire rope.

Wire rope

It adopts galvanized high-strength steel wire rope with breaking force of 2160MPa. Thus it has high safety coefficient, long service life as well as good flexibility.

Safety hook card

It is made of locknut and color plated rust-proof thick steel plate to prevent accidental decoupling of wire rope.

Trolley end stop for crane

1. It is laser-cut from thick steel plate with beautiful appearance.
2 The surface is galvanized and has a long service life.
3 It is suitable for single beam with adjustable width and strong versatility.
4 The contact area with the buffer is large, which effectively prolongs the life of the buffer.


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