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Each member company can enjoy the policy of “refund the overpaid sea freight and the insufficient part does not need to be paid“. (PS. Only members can enjoy this privilege, that is, according to the sea freight on the quotation, if the actual freight cost is higher than the sea freight in the formal quotation, the excess of the sea freight will be borne by CLESCRANE, and if the actual freight cost is less than the sea freight in the formal quotation, then CLESCRANE will return the difference part to the member company within 5 working days after the products are shipped.)

Every member company whose first cumulative orders is more than $ 100,000 can enjoy a preventive inspection service. (PS. The preventive inspections will be carried out within 6 months after the equipment put into use, during which the expenses will be borne by CLESCRANE, except accommodation and meals.)

When two or more of new members place orders at the same time, they can use all the points to deduct the amount of the payment because it is group purchase

When a member company that has already registered the first order recommends a new member, after the new member has registered correctly, the recommender company can enjoy half the points of the first order made by the new member . Points deduction amount according to the current membership grade standard. The points of the new member are not affected and accumulate according to the amount of EXW or FOB of the order.


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