Clescrane Service

No matter what you operate from Clescrane, cranes, hoists, load handling attachments or other related equipments, we can offer a comprehensive range of services to support the entire life cycle of your lifting equipment from a single source. To enable you to fully concentrate on your core business by making you the be sure that your equipment operates reliably and efficiently furthest is our objective.

Preventive Inspection Service

To take precautions, CLESCRANE provides preventive inspection services. We will not wait for equipment to be shut down due to the inability to carry out periodic maintenance in time, which will affect your production. Although we have professional service provider partner in your country, even if we still send them to provide preventive maintenance for you, but we still recommend that you sign a preventive inspection service agreement with CLESCRANE, because CLESCRANE is responsible for the equipment they provided to the end.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is an open-loop strategy that uses specific criteria to determine whether a machine is running safely and efficiently. Predictive maintenance uses sensor data, historical usage and current condition of the machine to determine when

Local Installation and Debugging

CLESCRANE cooperates with local professional installation companies in the target market to provide local users with timely and efficient localized installation services. Imagine that you buy CLESCRANE equipment, if conditions permit, we can help you transport to the place where the equipment is used and here are professional teams to help you install and debug. Of course, there is also the necessary load testing work, turnkey work will help users experience a better service.

CWMS & Automation

Our latest fully automated storage solution covers everything from rolls/straw bales to warehouses, up to automated truck loading. CWMS provides the key to supply chain optimization, because it controls 24 /7hour storage traffic. This innovative software is extensible.

Project Engineering

Our solutions are always tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers and the level of automation required. Project engineering is completely in-house and the system is always FAT tested before delivery.

Spare Parts

With the continuous development of CLESCRANE's business and the upgrading of its products, we fully consider that our customers who have been cooperating with CLESCRANE will inevitably meet the demand of spare parts after 10 years. Thus, our technical center has retained all the relevant technical information, of course, as well as the consumable parts stocking. We consider the problem of spare parts that will cause you a headache in the future, at high cost or unable to purchase. So many of the parts we chose are what you can buy in local, such as brands SEW, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, SKF and so on. Customer focus is our fundamental.

Project Consulting

Our project consulting company can provide early-stage technical support for investment in paper storage, biomass energy and waste power generation, which are also the focus of CLESCRANE. Our CraneCoC has three technical teams focusing on their technical expertise respectively. We have cooperated with some professional engineering consulting companies in some countries to provide pre-investment necessary consulting work for owners.

Supplies Code System (SCS)

In order to facilitate our own design management of standard products and enhance the convenience for users to order spare parts, with the joint efforts of the technology center and the marketing department, our material coding system SCS has come out.


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