Brand Story

In 2004, ROCK, the founder of our company who has been in the crane industry for many years, found that there was a lot of chaos in this industry in the Chinese market. Many customers are not professional, so suppliers take the opportunity to replace the parts configuration, reducing selection criteria, saving raw materials, and even eliminating the necessary production processes to win their own biggest interests.
China is a major exporter of lifting equipment. Be customer-centric, andall for you. In 2012, ROCK was determined to create CLESCRANE brand and endeavored to provide foreign customers with more cost-effective “intelligent manufacturing in China” products. He produces in strict accordance with industry standardsand selects the best component suppliers and enhances the advancement of CLESCRANE products in the field of automation and control. Resource integration has brought a good, open and convenient selection modelto some customers, to facilitate the customization needs of customers without paying more costs. ROCK firmly believes that we must be customer-oriented and create a better customer experience model.

I won't sell the future for a short term profit.

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