South Africa Plastic Products Company

South Africa Plastic Products Company

South Africa plastic products company has been established for over thirty years, and during this period has developed a comprehensive range of D.I.Y. articles designed for daily use, and an extensive Bathroom range as well. This range is stocked by all major chains in the country, and theirs brand is recognized as the "Brand Leader" for this category of merchandise.

To meet rising consumer demand, South African plastics companies have invested in new plants to expand production. They hope that the lifting equipment in the new plant will be effective in safety and user comfort, and effectively improve production efficiency.

The head of South Africa's plastic products company said, "Clescrane is an ideal candidate for a new crane"

In July 2017,South African plastics companies and Clescranereached cooperation, signed one set of overhead crane CHD32t+5t -19.5m-9m A5. The crane is equipped with anti-swing control and load indicator to optimize the controllability of the operator.


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