Mexico Paper Mill

Mexico Paper Mill

Mexico Paper Mill is an international factory of tissue business with the main products of toilet paper, napkin, roll and packaging paper. It has two factories which locates in Mexico State and Tlaxcala State, with more than 500 works in each factory. With the increasing business, the factory started to expand its plant at the end of 2014.

At the plant design stage, we had provided our crane solution according to the process flow of the workshop, to ensure our crane solution can exactly meet the customer’s lifting demand.

After communicating wholeheartedly in 3 months, in June 2016, Mexico Paper Mill had entered cooperation with Clescrane, with an order of two sets of overhead crane ( CHD(15+10)T-16.59M H=8.5M A5& CHS5T-16.59M,H=8.5M A5 ) to lift up paper rolls.


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