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10 years is a long time, enough for you to grow from youth to middle age, enough for you to grow from green to mature, enough for you to reap happiness and success; 10 years is very short, two or three pictures can combine all the stories, just a few words can describe the entire traveled journey.
One after another, no matter how time changes, ten years of glory, the original intention remains the same.
On the morning of August 4th, Clescrane solemnly commended the employees who have been employed for 10 years and more than 3 years, to commemorate the glory ten years that we have gone through together. Mr.Rock Chen, general manager of Clescrane, awarded honorary certificates, honorary trophies and honorary bonuses respectively.
For ten years, they have witnessed and participated in the development of Clescrane, growing together with Clescrane.
Ms Wei, a ten-year employee, said in her speech: "During the ten years in Clescrane, I would like to thank my leaders for their patient training, support and help, allowing me to grow into an independent backbone in the workplace and go through the happy ten years of starting a family and starting a business."
Ten years is not easy, thank you for having you. Looking forward to creating the next wonderful decade with Clescrane.


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