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When you are ready to purchase cranes, are you confused by many crane suppliers and uneven prices? Are you still worried about crane installation, maintenance and accessories?
Clescrane products and solutions consultants can help you find the most suitable crane for you.
Panama Precision Mechanical Parts Manufacturing Company-MP is a Panamanian company specialized in the metal machinery industry since 1998. With two decades of experience, MP has established itself as a leader in the industry, serving a variety of industries including: Maritime, Food, Construction, Industrial and Mining.
Confused about the choice of cranes from the beginning, after a detailed exchange with Clescrane product and solution consultants, MP quickly found suitable crane. Clescrane's localized installation service, preventive inspection, and material coding service covering the entire life cycle made MP feel a different experience, a different Made-in-China.
On July 13, 2023, MP quickly and unswervingly chose CLESCRANE’s single girder overhead crane CHS5t-10.4m H=5m A5 to help lift the steel bars and steel plates in the storage workshop and speed up the loading efficiency of the storage workshop , the recommended remote control is more convenient to operate.
Do you have a crane business? Feel free to contact us any time.Using Clescrane way, we will help you maximize the optimization of your crane project.


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