Tissue Paper Factory in Mexico


In daily life, paper is used at anytime and anywhere. In order to meet people's growing demand for paper, the Mexican paper mill, which was established in 2000, has built a new plant. It manufactures tissue paper for the production of napkins, traditional and institutional toilet paper, hand towels, kitchen towels, among other products, adjusting to market needs.
In July 2016, the Mexican paper mill purchased 2 sets of overhead cranes (CHD(15+10)T-16.59MH-8.5M A5 & CHS5T-16.59M-8.5M A5) from CLESCRANE for coil hoisting in the new plant. With the continuous expansion of the market, on January 10, 2020, the Mexican paper mill ordered 3 overhead cranes again from CLESCRANE( 1 set of CHD15T+10T-17M H=14M A6 & 2 sets of CHS5T-17M H=14M A6) for a new production line at Tlaxcala.
The new factory in Tlaxcala is located at an altitude of 2500 meters. The altitude not only affects the heat dissipation of the motor, but also affects the excitation of the motor. In the high altitude area, we usually consider the reduction of the motor capacity. At the altitude of 2500 meters, our derating coefficient is 0.9, which means that only 9 tons of weight can be lifted for a 10 ton hoist in this case. CLESCRANE has focused on the influence of the local altitude of 2500 meters on the whole machine design and component selection, so as to provide customers with the most appropriate scheme.
According to the customer's demand, the double girder overhead crane (15+10Ton) realizes the simultaneous lifting of double hoists, and the crane that run on the same runways are equipped with photoelectric anti-collision device. In addition, the double girder overhead crane (15+10Ton) adopts an eight-wheel structure. The eight-wheel structure not only allows the end carriage to be disassembled into three sections, which is convenient for transportation, but also disperses the wheel pressure, which greatly extends the life of the track, rail bearing beam, and column, and facilitates adding new crane on the same span in the future.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Mexican Paper Mill and the new cranes have been put into production. The management of Papelera Mexicana said about the second cooperation with CLESCRANE:"For us, the price of these devices is reasonable and they can be operated continuously. CLESCRANE has improved our second batch of cranes to ensure more reliable operation."
The ever-increasing needs of customers are the driving force behind our progress, and a good reputation trumps all advertising. Based on our knowledge and experience in the lifting market, CLESCRANE always provides customers with efficient, safe and cost-effective lifting solutions and equipment, and accompanies customers to develop together.


We respond quickly to any questions, inquiries, needs and feedback. Have business needs or questions about our products? Feel free to contact us.


We respond quickly to any questions, inquiries, needs and feedback. Have business needs or questions about our products? Feel free to contact us.

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