We find that in most cases, equipment users always seek urgent repairs in time of equipment failure, or even breakdown, resulting in significant downtime costs, or even serious influence on the production and delivery time. In the case of this phenomenon, we have especially introduced the latest "Worry-free Scheme", with the aim of helping customers to conduct regular maintenance of equipment, and lower operating costs and extend the life of a crane by reducing time intervals between failures, and maintenance times. Customers can make flexible options depending on the realistic circumstances. Addition of Clescrane’s Worry-free Scheme does not only mean access to free services, but you will also receive a comprehensive, detailed equipment inspection report completed and submitted by Clescrane professional services personnel to ensure that the equipment runs in a best state.

Customers can also develop their own maintenance programs completely according to their different needs, and customers can also ask our service engineers to be assigned to their plants, so that they can avoid their own crane maintenance engineer jobs, personnel management and equipment maintenance management trouble.

Crane Maintenance Including:Overhead Crane Repair,Gantry Crane Repair,Jib Crane Repair,Hoist Repair
Preventive Maintenance
- Compliance Inspections
Crane Repair
- Planned Maintenance Services
- On- Call
Crane Parts
- Crane and Hoist Parts
Upgrades & Retrofits
Crane Rebuilds & Overhauls
Crane Reliability Survey
Crane Runway Survey
- Electrical/Machinery Inspections
Wire Rope Inspection
Critical Components Assessment
- Hoist Coupling Assessment
- Hook Assessment
- Motor Assessment
- Crane Diagnostics
- Overhead Crane Gear Case Inspection
Maintenance Assessment Plan

CLESCRANE maintains the technical information of every product we sold, so that we can continue to pay attention to their performance at the customer’s site, and provide timely and accurate list of necessary spare parts replacement and telephone technical consulting services. CLESCRANE encourages users to consider regular equipment inspection and maintenance. You know that any product that is designed to achieve long-term stable performance is essential. CLESCRANE recommends that users perform 1-2 normal inspections and consumable parts replacements each year for frequently used lifting equipment. Engineers for maintenance team from CLESCRANE can provide this service. Of course, you can consider the maintenance cost. For CLESCRANE maintenance charges, please contact our international business department, email, or call 86-371-5532 8269- 1002

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