Jib Cranes

Clescrane jib crane system is an effective and reliable work assistant. It can easily help you to complete all work tasks as your demand. We have a wide range of jib crane products. For different conditions of material handling solutions, CLESCRANE can try our best to solve for you. Our maximum lifting weight 10 tons is beyond other similar products of Europe and America brand. We provide safer and more reliable solutions for your production.

CJZ Pillar Mounted Slewing Jib Crane

Max. Load: 10 ton
Effective arm length: 5m~8m
Rotary degree: 180º 270º 360º optional
CCH series chain hoist and CH wire rope hoist can be used and the operation can be manual or electric drive.
Higher safe working loads and non-standard solutions for particular applications are possible.

CJX Wall Mounted Slewing Jib Crane

Max. Load: 5 ton
Slewing Radius: 5m~12m
Rotary degree: 180º
Wall mounted slewing jib crane is widely used for material handling on work station, especially in some small operation area.

Mounting Jib Cranes

You can select the right option for your application from a variety of mounting options for our jib cranes. Pillar slewing jib cranes can be individually set up as free-standing cranes. Wall jib cranes can be mounted to a concrete wall or building support. For wall jib cranes there are mounting options on steel supports, reinforced concrete supports, steel plates and reinforced concrete walls.


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