Supplies Code System (SCS)

In order to facilitate our own design management of standard products and enhance the convenience for users to order spare parts, with the joint efforts of the technology center and the marketing department, our material coding system SCS has come out. The material coding system involves hoist products and heavy open winch products. , Machine products. The product material coding manual in each project will be delivered with our product. According to the principle of submitting spare parts purchase, users fill out the spare parts purchase application form, we can accurately provide users with the required parts. Many users worry that after the equipment has been used for many years, spare parts cannot be found. If the equipment is broken, at the beginning of product design, we have fully considered the sustainable supply of product components purchased by original users after future product upgrades. The material coding system corresponds to material drawings in different periods, each product part have a record.

The form of spare part is as follows:


Spare parts procurement guide


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