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If someone asks me what your core business is, I will say that automatic paper roll warehousing and biomass straw bale warehousing are our core competitiveness. We focus on familiar areas of expertise to help clients increase their productivity, enhance their businesses, and increase the value of their products.
We have professional service partners in target markets around the world, which enables us to provide turnkey services and long term maintenance services for local customers.
Both quality and values are important when choosing business partners.
We care about the health and development of every employee. We provide professional training, longer holidays and more company for family members. Employees are our greatest wealth, we believe that a company can develop in the long run, then he must love his employees, good corporate culture, shape our core values.
I won't sell the future for short term profit, CLESCRANE is here for you.

I won't sell the future for a short term profit.

If you're looking for a material handling solutions or seeking a business opportunity, please contact the sales manager in our business department, or send emails to


We respond quickly to any questions, inquiries, needs and feedback. Have business needs or questions about our products? Feel free to contact us.

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