In 2012,providing 50 tons and 70 tons CWD products for Bolivian sugar producer opened our market for exports.
In 2013,we completely finished CHS and CHD 1-80 tons of standardized design. And anti-swaying, synchronization control, monitoring unit and many other intelligent features are loaded successfully.
In 2013, we successfully developed 100 tons capacity wire rope hoists and started the development of cleanroom hoist and explosion-proof hoist.
In 2014, we independently developed hoisting and travelling trolley for wire rope hoists with tonnage of 32 tons and below, and put them into mass production for market launch.
In 2014, CLESCRANE made a big breakthrough in many fields such as power generation, paper making, equipment manufacturing, petrochemicals and biomass power generation.
In 2014, we successfully developed a CRH clean room hoist, G-CHEX gas explosion-proof hoist prototype. During the same period, our CH-R for I beam and CH-K high-speed hoisting wire rope hoist were standardized and put on the market with excellent feedback.
In 2014, a big quantity sets of CHD and CHB products were supplied to Lebanon's steel processing centers in Angola.
In 2014, software of ECBOTO V2.1 for standardized products was put into use, greatly improving the efficiency of drawing designing and price calculating. Its use greatly reduces the workload of engineers on drawing for standard products and gives customers faster feedback.
With the planned market arrangements in 2015, CLESCRANE was able to exert its influence in the Americas market, bringing lingering pressure to ABUS and GH brand.
2015 S-CHEX dust explosion-proof wire rope hoist was put into the market.
In 2016, we worked with Alibaba and successfully expand our marketing capabilities.
In 2016 we exported to Russia 200/32 tons CWG gantry crane. This is also the largest capacity gantry crane that we exported for the standardized configuration at this stage.
In 2016 we expanded our professional supervision team. We have integrated and selected our component suppliers and developed new partner suppliers to enhance the quality of our products.
In 2016, our overseas sales team went abroad to personally understand customers' needs and do market research.
In 2016, the new development team worked day and night to develop the ECBOTO International software and is expected to formally issue on the international market in the first quarter of 2018. It improves the plotting function of the standardization products, quoting function and drawing function of the production graph. We are looking forward to that day.
In 2017 we won the largest order of 5.5 million US dollars for a steel company in Vietnam. The order includes 8 sets of high working class coil loading and unloading CWD with a span of 43 meters.
In 2017 we went to the South American market to visit customers and do market research.
In 2017 we plan to set up an intelligent control company, mainly to develop crane automation and control for users in this area to provide standardized electronic control and intelligent control products.
In 2018 we will participate in the mining exhibition in Chile, to strengthen our promotion efforts and bring customers more cost-effective products.

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