Paper Butler Solution (PBS)

Whether it is an intermediate warehouse or a delivery warehouse, with the vigorous development of the papermaking industry, many paper mill users follow the need to expand production capacity, and there will be plans to establish a transit warehouse. CLESCRANE focuses on unmanned paper roll storage business. We provide you with a total solution. In fact, we can provide users with consulting suggestions from the initial infrastructure planning, including the layout of the paper roll tower, the layout of the conveyors in and out of the warehouse. We can according to your requirements for the efficiency of in and out of the warehouse, paper roll turnover rate and other considerations provide you with professional guidance. We have a CWMS system for

Paper Roll Gripper Cranes

Loading capacity: 2t-15t
Span: 20m〜35m (Longer spans can be customized designed and manufactured)
Working class: A7, A8

Overhead Crane with Vacuum Lifter for Paper Rolls

The fully automatic paper roll crane picks up the paper rolls from the conveyor belt and transports them to the warehouse under the control of the computer management system WCS and WMS or transports the paper rolls outfrom the warehouse through the conveyor.


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