Crane Components

Clescrane has established a major role as a supplier of crane kits and components to independent crane makers worldwide.

Crane Pendant Control Station

As a handheld device specifically intended for crane operators, our crane pendant control station has everything to cover all your control needs. Approved by EN, UL and CEE standards, this device is also on a par with various other international standards.

TCS-B Series Radio Control

The various data recording mode
It is accurate to 0.1 seconds of data records
The convenient data read and check function
User identification
Easy upgrade
More optimized new features

TCS-C Series Radio Control

The various data recording mode
It is accurate to 0.1 seconds of data records
The convenient data read and check function
User identification
Easy upgrade
More optimized new features

Crane Hook

A lifting hook is a commonplace in the crane industry, with unique functions to grab objects. When selecting a hook for your crane, safety is often the most important consideration. This dictates that materials for hook-making should meet very high standards. Our lifting hook is made from top-in-class carbon steel. The integrated manufacturing process and advanced techniques make sure that we produce world-class hooks.

Rotary Limit Switch

Freely adjustable screw lifting height limiter with high precision, wide adjustment range, safe and reliable. Multiple-contact configurations can effectively achieve the function of transition with low and high speed and the stop during the rise and fall.

Bus bar and current collector

To assist the power supply of the crane. There are three forms of busbar: single pole buabar, multipole busbar, jointless busbar .The single pole buabar is available in aluminum and copper with long service lifes and easy to install.
The collector is used in conjunction with the busbar. There are three types: single stage, multi stage and jointless type.

Rope Drums

The cable drum is one of the most crucial components in a crane, with unique functions to wind steel ropes of the hoisting or towing mechanism whereby converting the rotary motion of the driving unit into the linear motion of the rope.

Crane Rail

The crane rail is what guides a crane to travel along the pre-designated route while transferring pressure energy coming from wheels to the foundation where the rail is built. It mainly comes in three types: heavy, light, and specialized.

Sound-light Alarm

This product has the advantages of stable operation, light weight, waterproof, shockproof, durable and easy to install and maintain. Protection class IP65.

Brake module

Used to provide DC for the brake of the three-in-one motor which is in small size and good stability. ABM and CLESCRANE brands are available.

Photoelectric anti-collision device

Used for collision prevention between cranes, collision prevention between trolleys, limit switch between trolleys, etc., small size, long service life.

Travel Limit switch

Standard configuration: single-step limit for cross travel, and double-step limit of long travel.

Crane Buffer

During crane or trolley running, the brakes or limit switches may suddenly break down. Due to inertia, the vehicle will continue in the state of motion until running into the end stop preset at both ends of its runway track. The aim of adding a crane buffer to the contact area between the end stop and trolley or crane is to absorb the majority of energy produced in an impact shock. Following is a list of two buffer forms most commonly in use today.

Cross Limit Switch

Product characteristics application: crane system
Sheating material:plastic
Repair mode: rotation
Number of poles: 2 poles /4 poles
Rotation range: -180°~180°

Special Electromagnet Spreader for Lifting Thick Steel Castings

Mainly used for suctioning large steel ingots, continuous casting slabs, thick steel plates. Two lifting spreaders will be need to work concatenate to avoid eccentricity and tilt if the length of lifting object is over 6 meters.

Brake pad

It adopts non-asbestos material which is environmentally friendly, high friction, high efficiency and wear resistance with long service life.


It adopts electric disk brake with super long service life of 1 million uses. It can automatically adjust space with high reliability and sensitivity

Rope guider

It is made of high-strength nylon, the wire rope can be evenly arranged on the wire rope reel. It provides full protection to the wire rope and extends the service life of the wire rope.

Wire rope

It adopts galvanized high-strength steel wire rope with breaking force of 2160MPa. Thus it has high safety coefficient, long service life as well as good flexibility.

Safety hook card

It is made of locknut and color plated rust-proof thick steel plate to prevent accidental decoupling of wire rope.


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