Warmly welcome delegation visit from the UAE


On November 13, 2019, after more than a month of mailings and mutual understanding, Clescrane warmly welcomed and received a delegation from the UAE. During an afternoon of exchanges and visits, the two sides have In-depth communication on technical requirements and on-site working conditions of the large number of crane equipment needed in the project.The UAE delegation acknowledged Clescrane's professional advice and product standards, and expressed their sincere hope to cooperate with companies that have the strength and ability to meet their requirements. The UAE delegation finally pointed out they will visit China again for this project in 2020 and hope that they will have 1-2 days to communicate next time. Clescrane also expressed our warm welcome to their willingness to visit next time.
Clescrane has always believed that we can provide users with the crane equipment that best meets the actual working conditions on the spot. We also warmly welcome customers to visit our company and we will be able to satisfy you.


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