Vacuum handling materials

Vacuum handling of materials is now possible with Aerolift vacuum handling technology. In order to be able to handle materials with the aid of vacuum technology, the material to be handled must have an airtight surface. For example, concrete, metal or paper. Contrary to what is commonly believed, the surface doesn’t need to be perfectly flat, smooth or free of bumps. Materials of a great variety of shapes and designs can be handled using vacuum technology. Think of objects with a flat side, but also circular objects such as pipes and architecturally designed objects. Aerolift selects the most suitable suction pads for every situation.

Vacuum handling concrete

Vacuum handling of concrete materials without any damage the load. Use a vacuum lifter. The concrete industry is highly suited to the deployment of vacuum technology for many situations. Vacuum lifting offers several benefits for demoulding, as well as in subsequent operations such as turning, internal transport, storage, transport and assembly.

Handling tunnel segments

From production to construction, we offer a customised lifting solution. For handling tunnel segments, we design lifting solutions which are used in production factories, for transhipment and in the tunnel boring machines (TBM’s) itself. The unique features of vacuum handling are highly suitable to handle concrete products, such as tunnel segments.

Vacuum handling metal

Vacuum handling of materials like metal is possible with both magnetic and non-magnetic metals. This includes steel, aluminium, copper, stainless steel and other metal alloys. Vacuum technology offers specific advantages compared to other lifting systems.

Pipe handling equipment

Are you looking for pipe handling equipment? We design custom made lifting solutions for every part of the lifting process from plate to pipe. And even coated pipes. No matter the weight or material, we handle your products safe and efficient during production, storage, transhipment, transport and offshore.

Handling in the wind power industry

The wind power industry requires precise lifting solutions for many different situations. All parts of the windmill need handling at one point. The parts are often extremely heavy and have a considerable dimension. Think of the heavy steel plates of the windmill tower, the long windmill blades itself or the flexible laminates and the spare cabs for the windmill blades. All handling can be effortlessly carried out by an Aerolift lifting solution.

Vacuum handling other

Almost any other material with an airtight surface can be handled using vacuum handling technology. For example, not only concrete, metal and paper, but also glass, plastics, wood and bluestone can be vacuum-handled.


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