Unmanned Straw Storage

Clean fuel may be a good product to replace fossil fuels in the future. Most of its raw materials come from straw after crops are harvested. The straw is processed in a cuboid or cylindrical shape with special equipment, which is convenient for transportation and storage. Therefore, the storage of straw comes into being. Compatible with unmanned straw storage are conveyor systems and crane systems, as well as warehouse management systems. CLESCRANE’s warehouse management system is referred to as CWMS. According to your production department’s requirements for the warehouse management system, our software team will provide different support. Starting from infrastructure construction, our industry consultants can provide you with comprehensive supp

Strawbale Handling Cranes

Lifting Capacity: 10t-20t
Span: 15m~31.5m
Working Class: A7,A8
Strawbale handling crane is a specially developed for the straw power plant material handling cranes, Strawbale handling cranes are used to unload, storage and feed work straw bales from trucks. Highly working level, it adapts to the working environment with high humidity and dusty, frequently using and uninterrupted working in the warehouse of power plant.


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