Steel Industry

Taking advantages of the rich industrial experience and professional crane technology, Clescrane customized crane can meet the demands of all aspects of steel and metal production and processing industries. Our customized crane can be used under harsh conditions, and can work well in environment with high temperature, high grade dust and strong vibration. We can provide correct crane solutions for various kinds of applications for steel mill. For example, ladle crane with four crane main girders can process the ladle safely and efficiently. Double girder overhead crane is used for the internal delivery of components (like the molds) for casting and delivery of casting parts for further processing. Semi-auto or full-auto cranes can be used for s

CWD Series Scrap Handling Cranes

Lifting Capacity: 5t~32t
Span: 7.5m~35.5m
Working Class: A6,A7,A8
Clescrane offers this solution for high-duty, high-speed scrap handling. The scrap handling crane is available with alternative lifting devices and a variety of Clescrane intelligence options for optimal safety and performance.

CWD Series Charging Cranes

Lifting Capacity: 5t+5t~100t+100t
Span: 7.5m~31.5m
Working Class: A7,A8
Two and four girder design
Possible pairing of main/aux hoist for cranes
Safe, high-precision ladle handling cranes and EAF charging cranes for high-duty work.We have the experience and knowledge to offer the best solution.

CWD Series Ladle Handling Cranes

Lifting Capacity: 75t/20t~280t/50t
Span: 10.5m~30m
Working Class: A7,A8
Clescrane provides Double and Four girder ladle cranes, Ladle/Charging Handling Cranes and forging cranes having paramount design and technologically running successfully in many steel plants.

CWD Series Billet and Slab Handling Cranes

Lifting Capacity: 5t~100t
Span: 7.5m~31.5m
Working Class: A7,A8
Billet handling crane is a customized design crane for handling Billet/Bar/Slab/Plate or other elongated products help operators to increase their production.

CWD Series Coil and Plate Handling Cranes

Lifting Capacity: 5t~50t & 5+5t~40+40t
Span: 10.5m~40m
Working Class: A7,A8
Clescrane offers the high-speed Coil and Plate Handling Crane for transporting bars, plates or coils in the rolling area, along with a variety of lifting devices to suit the task. Clescrane intelligence options are available to raise productivity.

CWD Series Overhead Crane with Electro Suspension Magne

The electromagnetic overhead crane has a removable suspended magnets, which is especially suitable for metallurgical factories to handle and transport magnetic black metal products and materials (such as steel ingots, steel bars and pig iron blocks) in the indoor or outdoor with fixed spans.

CWD Series Electromagnetic Overhead Crane with Telescopic Beam

It is mainly used in steel companies, for Ties and finished goods warehouses, shipyard steel yards, blanking workshops, etc. The crane is suitable for lifting long steel bars, bars, plates, scrap steel, coils, etc. The hooks and the carrier-beam are detachable, and the electromagnetic suction cups or clamps or special group hooks are arranged below for lifting, and the hanging beam arrangement form is divided. Vertical to the main beam or parallel to the main beam.

A-CWD Series Rolling Mill Cranes

The maximum lifting capacity (without spreader) is 10 ton,positioning accuracy≤2mm(horizontal,vertical,up and down) , operating mode is manual/semi-automatic/automatic. It can meet the overall requirements of high quality, high output, high efficiency and low energy consumption. The structure of the spreader can be embracing or clamping.

CHD Series Double Girder Overhead Crane

Lifting Capacity: 1~100t
Span: 7.5m~35.5m
Working Class: A5,A6 ( ≥32t lifting mechanism with inverter control )
CHD series overhead crane is an ideal choice for industrial applications and is very popular in the market. We can provide you multiple optional functions according to your special requirements, such as auxiliary brake, different lifting speeds, load display, wireless remote control, maintenance platform, rain cover and electronic anti-swing, etc. Here, we list just a few of them.

CWD Series Overhead Crane with Open Winch

Lifting Capacity: 5~320t
Span: 7.5m~35.5m ( longer span can be designed and manufactured )
Working Class: A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8
CWD series overhead crane is specially designed for multifarious applications, especially when customers want to lift a mass of material, suitable for assembly and maintenance heavy duty work. It is ideal choice for harsh working conditions.
We can provide you with various optional functions according to the special lifting needs in your industry, such as electronic anti-sway, remote monitoring, lifting synchronization and other functions. These are just a part of them.

CHS Series Single Girder Overhead Crane

Lifting Capacity: 1~20t
Span: 7.5m~35m ( span ≥ 25.5m, CHD double girder series is recommended. )
Working Class: A5,A6
CHS series overhead crane is an ideal choice for industrial applications and is very popular in the market. It has feature of light weight and small wheel pressure, which can help you to efficiently make use of available space and save the cost of plant investment. We will provide you different type of electric hoists to meet different site demands.

CHX Series Suspension Crane

Lifting Capacity: 0.5~20t
(Including single girder CHXS and double girder CHXD suspension cranes)
Span: 3m~16m(longer span can be designed and manufactured)
Working Class: A5,A6
CHX series suspension cranes use CH series wire rope hoist or CCH series chain hoist. You can choose different optional functions based on specific requirements.(Please check the introduction to CH and CCH series hoists for the options of lifting mechanism). We will help you to confirm best lifting solution.

CJZ Series Pillar Mounted Slewing Jib Crane

Lifting capacity: 0.5~10t
Effective arm length: 5m~8m
Rotary degree: 180º 270º 360º optional
CCH series chain hoist and CH wire rope hoist can be used and the operation can be manual or electric drive.
Higher safe working loads and non-standard solutions for particular applications are possible.


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