Rigging Safety Requirements

Sling Inspection Considerations

When you inspect steel chain slings, there are several things to consider: industry environment, equipment function, estimated usage time, dimensions and the weight of lifted product. If an overhead crane inspector understands how cranes are typically used and the environment in which they are typically used, they can determine how best to customize overhead crane maintenance to the cranes.

Any good overhead crane inspector will be familiar with safety standards for sling inspections and will be able to verify the condition and safety of your equipment. Be sure that any deformed, broken and worn slings taken out of service immediately. Verify that couplings are in good working order before use.

Inspections: Repairing and reconditioning alloy steel chain slings, effect of wear and deformed attachments.

Mechanical coupling links or low carbon steel repair links shall not be used to repair broken lengths of chain.

Alloy steel chain slings with cracked or deformed master links, coupling links or other components shall be removed from service.


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