Overhead Crane Electrical Requirements

Minimizing risks of electrical hazards

This section regulates voltage, cabling, design and construction of pendant controls to protect lifting equipment operators and other personnel from electrical shock.

Electrical Equipment

1. Wiring and equipment shall comply with subpart S of this part.

2. The control circuit voltage shall not exceed 600 volts for a.c. or d.c. current.

3. The voltage at pendant push-buttons shall not exceed 150 volts for a.c. and 300 volts for d.c.

4. Where multiple conductor cable is used with a suspended pushbutton station, the station must be supported in some satisfactory manner that will protect the electrical conductors against strain.

5. Pendant control boxes shall be constructed to prevent electrical shock and shall be clearly marked for identification of functions.

Electrical hazards pose potentially lethal consequences, but can easily lurk unnoticed. Over time, stress on equipment such as dangling pendant controls and cables, if not properly supported, may open employees to the risk of electrical shock.


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