Overhead Crane Cab Location

OSHA Overhead & Gantry Crane Regulations

When you’re installing your new crane, something often overlooked is cab location. OSHA lays out specific requirements for clearance, lighting and fire safety.

Cab location

The general arrangement of the cab and the location of control and protective equipment shall be such that all operating handles are within convenient reach of the operator when facing the area to be served by the load hook, or while facing the direction of travel of the cab. The arrangements shall allow the operator a full view of the load hook in all positions.

The cab shall be located to afford a minimum of 3 inches clearance from all fixed structures within its area of possible movement.

Access to crane

Access to the cab and/or bridge walkway shall be by a conveniently placed fixed ladder, stairs, or platform requiring no step over any gap exceeding 12 inches.

Fire extinguisher

Carbon tetrachloride extinguishers shall not be used.


Light in the cab shall be sufficient to enable the operator to see clearly enough to perform his work.


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