Ladders, Cabs And Fire Extinguishers

General Requirements for Ladder, Cab and Fire Safety

Standards for hoisting equipment and ropes, brakes, electrical systems, proper load handling procedures, and crane inspection and maintenance protocols play obvious roles in advancing crane safety. But when you work around powerful overhead cranes, no consideration is too small for lowering the risk of accidents and their consequences.


1. The employer shall insure that hands are free from encumbrances while personnel are using ladders.

2. Articles which are too large to be carried in pockets or belts shall be lifted and lowered by hand line.


1. Necessary clothing and personal belongings shall be stored in such a manner as not to interfere with access or operation.

2. Tools, oil cans, waste, extra fuses, and other necessary articles shall be stored in the tool box, and shall not be permitted to lie loose in or about the cab.

Fire extinguisher

1. The employer shall insure that operators are familiar with the operation and care of fire extinguisher provided.


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